What are IOU ROR and RGB?

RAD-RGB images are false-colored images of astronomical objects.

The astronomical study involves a multiwavelength analysis of the object from the radio part of the spectrum to x-rays. Astronomers access these data from various archival data services which are sky survey data on a particular wavelength of a telescope. Each RGB image is a combination of these survey data in Red, Green, and Blue color channels, with their respective intensities at each pixel, resulting in a false-colored image. Usually, the surveys are selected so that the wavelength of each channel is in decreasing order i.e survey in the red channel has a wavelength higher than green and green has a wavelength greater than blue.

The two widely used RAD-RGB images in our analysis are:

How to use the RAD-RGB Maker Tool:

RAD-RGB Maker Tool is a very simple to use tool. All you need is the name of the astronomical object of interest or its coordinates, the radius of the image search scope, and what sort of images you would like to make.

Here is a brief description of each label provided in the form:

Please check the RAD-RGB acknowledgment at the bottom of the page for further details : RAD-RGB Maker Tool Acknowledgement